by Malka Maxwell

A few weeks ago, I had a discussion with a colleague of mine regarding a project.
This colleague and shred experiences and points of view and then  said "oh, you are thinking outside of the box! No wonder...."

What is thinking outside of the box? is there something that makes some people see things on a larger scale or is it an innate ability? If it is an ability, why do others have a hard time following the train of thought of such an individual?

The mind processes information based upon previous experiences. This way of observing information tends to make the mind lazy or even resistant to viewing things from a broader perspective. A way of thinking or a pattern indicates a usual manner fo doing something, which has its benefits. Patterns help us continue things, or do things that are important such as eating. The reason is because the mind knows that sequence or pattern events: decide what to eat, prepare food, sit down then eat. The pattern continues: wipe mouth, wash hands, put away leftover food, wash utensils and so on. The sequence of events as planned are predictable. Yet, this way of thinking is what prevents the mind from creatively or steeping back outside of a situation to come up with new patterns to change them.

Is thinking out of the box something that can be learned and or taught? Sure, the process of thinking out the box is attainable through reversing the way things are done. This reversal creates or stimulates the mind to see things differently.

Another way to stimulate the mind to think outside the box especially as it relates to problem solutions is to ignore the problem. Ignore may not be the correct word, rather focus less on the problem.

The best way to demonstrate this is by applying the rules or guidelines associated with the "Law Of Attraction". Focus on the issue resolved, associate with it the feelings that you are going to feel, people who will help you (if they are needed). Blend these thoughts with knowing that your idea is "crazy enough" to work and that is successful freedom from whatever mental rut you are in.

While thinking out of the box tends to insinuate that someone is irrational, the contrary is actually true. By seeing what you are planning to do (and assuming that you do not come under "psychic attack" which essentially means others intense negativity or your own strong fear) then you will be able to see all of the options that are available and  will feel less constricted in finding solutions.

The reason for that is quite simply because you are allowing the answers to come to you when you are not stressed and pressed for solutions or even limited by the patterns that you have previously created. This letting go of focusing on the problem  in actuality is the magnetizing force to the creativity and or solution you seek.

The common reaction to out of the box thinkers is that others seem confused by the thoughts and or actions of those who do think out of the box. However it pays to bear in mind an old saying "crazy? No, crazy  like a fox!" The out of the box thinker has the guts and gusto to explore mentally, visualize the success and put the physical action into place....this is usually indicative of the mercurial mind as well.

Your difference in how you perceive a success or solution may of course differ with another. However, once you start to trust that what you plan to do can be successful you will see changes in yourself for the better. You will be able to problem solve, you will be able to move beyond limitations.

Have you thought out of the box recently? Please share your comment.



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